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It Happens

By Bill Sorrels
By Bill Sorrels


It wasn’t supposed to happen to us,

But it happened to Dutch and my uncle Russ,


It happened to “Hevs” and Charlie Plummer,

It happened to all of the boys of summer.


Guarding the beaches, young, fit, and tan,

Responsibilities befitting a man.


The promise in the surf and the sand and the sun,

Seemed inclusive to me and everyone.


Eternal youth and future dreams,

Sparkling off the water like the golden beams.


Did we leave Laguna and set it in motion?

This advancing age away from the ocean?


It happened to Vernie and it happened to Ned,

Our fellow guards with their trunks of red.


It happened to Shorto and by the grace of our Lord,

It happened to Peanuts and Dean McCord.


Just kids back then, you and me,

Grateful to be alive by the deep blue sea.
But then came war and the Commie threat,

We exchanged innocence for a life long debt.


Like Adam, seduced by the lovely Eve,

We ate our apples and took our leave.


It wasn’t going to happen to us,

Old age and misery, living on Social Security.
We were the fair haired boys from the sun,

Fit, tan, and talented, everyone.


Yes, it wasn’t supposed to happen to us,

But, it did and it will


So what’s the fuss?


Bill Sorrells recently returned to his boyhood home in Laguna Beach.

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