Guest Column: Talk of Recession: 10 Easy Ways to Save $5,000

By Denny Freidenrich

By Denny Freidenrich

With all the talk about a 2020 recession looming on the horizon, it might be prudent to start saving money now. Here’s my surefire list of 10 ways to spend less (and thus save more) in the coming months or year.

First, instead of going to your local coffee shop three times a week, go twice. This will save you $3.50 a week or $182 a year.

Second, if you must go three times a week, then order a small coffee. This will save you $2.25 a week or $117 a year.

Third, purchase printer ink online. If you have a home office, this will save $7 each time you need a refill. The savings will be at least $28 a year.

Fourth, buy your printer paper online. This will save you $8 a ream or at least $16 a year.

Fifth, keep buying golf shirts online, not at a sporting goods store. This will save you $10 to $15 per shirt. Because I buy four at a time twice a year, I can save between $80 and $120 annually and still look good.

Sixth, when it comes to playing golf, find a 9-hole course nearby. Instead of paying $60 for 18 holes, you can have just as much fun on a short course for $30. If you play once a month, you will save $360 a year.

Seventh, most cars these days can run on regular, unleaded gas, so stop buying premium. By spending $10 less per week, you will save $520 a year.

Eighth, dining out can be very expensive. Instead of visiting your favorite restaurants three times a week, dine out twice a week. This will save you $50 a week for two, or $2,600 a year.

Ninth, you don’t have to buy day-old bread at the grocery store to save lots of money. Look for the store manager’s special offers of the day. Without sacrificing your taste buds, you should be able to save $100 a month or $1,200 a year.

And tenth, if you still want your daily newspaper delivered to your doorstep, then ask the Circulation Department for a reduced monthly rate. In order to convince advertisers to buy ads, your paper needs subscribers at any cost. You should be able to save $5 a month or $60 a year.

So, there’s my blueprint for saving at least $5,000 a year. Easy, right? Feel free to send me a tip with all your savings.

Denny Freidenrich first moved to Laguna Beach in 1970. He is a 70-something father of three.

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