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Hawaiian Shirts

By Bill Sorrels
By Bill Sorrels

Hawaiian shirts set the mind to dancin’

Visions of surf and island romancin’


Ukeleles and tiki lights,

Dark skinned girls and rapturous nights,


A little poi is food for thought,

(Better given than really got).


Wash that down with some “Sanka Poho,”

You’re styling now like a “blanka Blowho.”


Outriggers and surfboards and coconut palms,

Eternal vacation, surpassing all balms.

Waikiki beach and a new surfin’ haole
(Doing okay for a guy that’s so “jowly.”)


A rented board and brand new shorts,
A tenuous stance, he quickly aborts.


But look at the fun in the mind of the buyer

For the button-down guy, a kind of a flyer.


To a place and a way that he’s never been free

(Except in vacation memory)


To indulge his senses in sand and sea,

A sort of a beach boy’s liberty.


Balmy breeze and a Hawaiian lei,

Hula dancers and dolphins at play,


Guitar strings that say young lion, stay,

Enjoy the music, don’t go away.


They’re not just for Maui or maybe Cancun,

If you can whistle a joyous tune,


Then put on the garment and do just that,

You might even get a palm leaf hat.




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