Handbook Offers Parents’ Hard-Won Wisdom

Busy this February writing, Anna Krajec celebrated sustainable ideas during an earlier Green Valentine festival.

Resident Anna Krajec continues to wrest meaning from her family’s courageous journey battling their young son’s inoperable brain tumor. Along the way, the Krajecs encountered an extraordinary outpouring of community support before Christofer’s death in 2008, short of his 4th birthday.

Drawing from her own bittersweet parenting experience, now Krajec aspire to prepare would-be parents with her book, “ABC of Conscious Parenting: Agreements Before (and After) Conceiving!,” a handbook that raises scores of questions that few non-parents would ever consider.

The new author will celebrate her own July 2 birthday with a book launching party from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Laguna Beach’s Don’t Worry Be Happy Foundation ( DWBHShirts.com ), 1042 N. Coast Highway. Children’s activities such as yoga and henna tatoos will be available from noon to 4 p.m., while healers, musicians, painters, healthy food and juicing experts and other inspirational people will share their gifts throughout the day.

To ensure prospective parents’ views on child-bearing and raising are harmonious, Krajec’s book offers 108 questions and corresponding agreements for discussion. While some questions raise trifling matters, such as Halloween candy management, others broach sober subjects such as birth defects and use of corporal punishment. Each chapter includes examples from Krajec’s own trials.

“Christofer inspired me to write this book. His sweet and loving spirit guided me through the entire process,” she said. “Getting the book out to everyone worldwide is our way of paying it forward. Children raised harmoniously can become outstanding parents themselves and ultimately help provide peaceful leadership to the world.”

Aside from prospective parents, Krajec thinks her book will prove valuable to parenting groups,  pre-marriage counselors, classes for foster parents and adoptive parents as well as teens.

Proceeds from ebooks purchased on Monday, July 2, will be split between The Happy Place, which provides financial help to cancer victims, and the Children’s Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition, based in Watsonville, Calif., which advocates for families with terminally ill children. (Purchases made July 2 are eligible for gifts by emailing a receipt to: [email protected]. For more info about Krajec’s book visit:


The party will be a smaller version of the Green Valentine Festival, which Krajec hosted in gratitude to people and businesses that helped provide care and support for her son.

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