Hanos Deserve a Special Honor

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We recently attended the Canyon Conservancy dinner meeting at which you spoke. Many thanks for your timely, comprehensive presentation. It quite succinctly addressed the concerns of our members and was most informative.

Of the hundred or so members in attendance, perhaps you will remember a couple who sat very near the dais, just in front of your lectern. They are Arnold and Bonnie Hano.

To generations of Lagunans, this nonagenarian [somewhere south of 100 years old] couple are renowned as one of the most politically active folks in Laguna. Their dedication to maintaining Laguna Beach’s many special qualities goes far beyond their decades of citizen commitment to our fair city.

In fact, they are especially well known for punctually attending city council meetings and always sitting in either the first or second rows.

Their accomplishments would take many pages to fill. Marching to save the canyon, arguing against a multi-story parking garage, and as at last week’s meeting, being the only people to speak up about the issue of our elected city treasurer’s salary (it needs to be increased to be commensurate with her excellent full time work on our city’s behalf.)

As a two term past-president of the Laguna Taxpayers Association, I’d like to offer kudos to this special couple and strongly urge our city council to immediately adopt a resolution of commendation that names them as honorary co-mayors of Laguna Beach and that they be given the symbolic honor of opening and presiding at a council meeting. And I would also suggest that two seats emblazoned with the names of Arnold and Bonnie Hano be placed in the front row of council chambers to accord them honor for their citizen-service to our community in perpetuity.

I suggest further, that when trolley service starts in a few weeks, the opening be entitled: Ride The Laguna Beach Trolley- Opening Week in Commemoration of Arnold and Bonnie Hano’s Public Service to the Community. This should boost trolley subsidy levels into the stratosphere. I, for one, will ride with pride.

Far too often the efforts of dedicated citizens go unremarked. Commemorate the Hanos as citizens whose commitment to public service shows that its people are the true heart and spirit of Laguna Beach.


Paul Merritt, Laguna Beach

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