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On Monday, I attended a Laguna Beach candidate’s forum hosted by Village Laguna at the City Council Chambers. For the first time in 17 years, our current city treasurer, Ms. Laura Parisi, is being opposed in her re-election by Ms. Anne McGraw.

While competition and debate for political offices should always be encouraged, we need to be cognizant about who is investing the $100 million for Laguna Beach.

Ms. Parisi has demonstrated a consistently high investment return on our money while arguing for internal controls. On the other hand, Ms. McGraw has not shown experience in managing Laguna Beaches’ large investment dollars. With her three-minute speech all she really did was attempt to attack Ms. Parisi.

This is what a candidate does who really does not have the experience or education to be our city treasurer.   Ms. McGraw commented that we don’t need a treasurer who is a CPA. Well, Ms. McGraw, if you look around at the cities you mentioned, several are in financial and legal trouble because they did not have experienced or educated personnel as their city treasurer.

As stated, I will always encourage debate in politics. However, I want my $100 million to be managed and invested by a proven and educated person (Ms. Parisi).


Jeffrey A. Miller, Laguna Beach



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  1. Electing Ms. McGraw as the Laguna Beach treasurer will be taking a step back in the City’s finances. No need for change, let alone a major downgrade.


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