Highway Signage Fails to Account for Crosswalk



Poor placement of “No Left Turn” signs on Coast Highway increases congestion and slows the flow of traffic.

Is it just me or is anyone else frustrated when the crosswalk lights flash on Coast Highway stopping traffic and you need to make a left. Say you’re heading south and want to turn left on Anita Street and the crosswalk is lit at Oak Street. You have the perfect chance to conveniently and safely turn left because the northbound traffic is stopped at the Oak Street light one block ahead, but you can’t. There is a big sign saying “No Left Turn,” and there is no traffic in the northbound lanes but you will get ticketed for making this very safe and convenient left hand turn, so now you wait for the pedestrians to finish crossing at Oak, drive to Oak where you are allowed to turn left and get stopped by the light again. Then after more pedestrians have crossed you get to hold up traffic as you wait for the backed up northbound traffic to proceed before you can safely make a left turn.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the “No Left Turn” sign and the instant crosswalks on the same street, or get rid of them entirely? I believe it would. That would allow those needing to turn left to do so while traffic is stopped for pedestrians a block ahead, which in the summer is about every 30 seconds and keep traffic flowing south after the pedestrians have crossed.

This simple change would make Coast Highway safer, make the traffic flow better, make turning left easier, and make a whole lot of sense.


Kort Pearson, Laguna Beach

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