Holiday Digest 2020: Zenith

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By Priya Kavina

It was the middle of winter

When we jacketed ourselves in Gemini skies along the Laguna coast

And watched the universe rain to Earth

Fusing the millions into one.

That night, in the chaos of the cosmos,

The million parts of me, too, became one

And I no longer had to ask a falling star for anything more than charm

Because you became my meteorite

My wish, my Christmas

Turning fear into star dust

And each new year into gold

With you, I am interstellar, love

Infinite and uncontrolled

How can I say you give me butterflies

When you give me so much more

The only thing that remotely compares

Is compressing outer space in a jar

And letting it explode

Priya Kavina is a creative influencer who persuades readers to believe in themselves, question norms, and support unity.

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  1. Priya, can’t tell you how inspiring your poem is… And how excellent it is from a creative point of view. My friend and employer, that I’ve worked for in Laguna Niguel, for 18 years… passed last Jan… And so your thoughts and images spoke to that as well. Thank you!



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