Holocaust Memories Instilled by Survivors

Thurston students who participated in Chapman’s contest.

Thurston students who participated in Chapman’s contest.

Thurston Middle School students Claire Black, Katie Hayden and Vanessa Lortal, who entered Chapman University’s annual Holocaust art and writing contest, attended a special ceremony March 8 to bring together survivors and contestants.

“It is powerful to watch middle school students make real connections with Holocaust survivors.  We are so proud of our students!” said language arts teachers Laura Silver.

Katie Hayden reflected, “Meeting the survivors and hearing their horrible stories of the Holocaust really touched me. It’s so sad to know in about 30 years almost all of these wonderful people will have passed away. I hope their stories don’t go with them.”

Students participating listen to a full-length testimony of a Holocaust survivor, then write a poem or essay, or create another work of art. Chapman holds this contest with “The 1939 Club”, one of the largest and most active Holocaust survivor organizations operating today.

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