Homeless Advocate Speaks About Peacemaking

Reverend Colin Henderson

The public is invited to hear the Rev. Colin Henderson speak on “The Dignity of Difference” at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 18, at the Unitarian Universalists, Cypress Drive.

Henderson will reflect on Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ book by that name, which addresses the issue of whether religions can become a force for peace rather than conflict.   His thinking relates both to global challenges and local ones, including initiatives with homeless people.

Henderson, who arrived in Laguna in 1985 after serving for 20 years as a British parish priest, became an advocate for care of those who are in greatest need. He helped establish Friendship Shelter in 1988 and with continued community support other services that address homelessness.

After services and a sandwich lunch at noon is time for further conversation with the speaker.

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