Homeless Need Caring



At the City Council meeting about the proposal for homeless housing I was appalled and astounded at the multitude of negative remarks that I heard from well-respected townspeople and business owners who had witnessed such atrocious behavior from many of our homeless.

I have never witnessed these same horrid acts and must therefore add my thoughts on these same homeless people in need.

I love the homeless and see them as needing exactly what the project has proposed. First of all, they need supervision to take their meds to prevent them from acting horrendously irresponsible. They will have 24-hour supervision at the new project, which they so desperately need. They need to take showers with soap. They need to sleep in a bed at night unlike the ASL where they sleep on the floor with their possessions underneath their bodies so they won’t be stolen. They cannot get along with each other because they have never been taught basic behaviors of friendship. They yearn for safety and security. They avoid eye contact and speaking to people. They need help in many ways and the government will provide money through a place to live and supervision through Friendship Shelter.

The fear and disgust I heard at the meeting are the very reasons that this project will be so beneficial for so many. They will have a bed of their own and a place to stay during the day. They will have people to talk with where they live–supervisors and friends. They will not have to steal or be stolen from, a condition many of them talk about and fear.

They’re homeless and helpless–that’s the reason for the behaviors that to us are so abominable. They’re lost and the government and Friendship Shelter have tried so hard to help them and us. So, I hope we can give them a chance, a chance to live with supervision for taking their meds, a bed of their own to sleep in, a bathroom with a warm shower and soap, meals with others to learn some manners, and caring people who will do what’s best for them and love them. We too need all of the above!

Carol Reynolds, Laguna Beach



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