Hospital Fails the Good Neighbor Test


It’s disappointing that Mission Hospital would undermine our community’s efforts at the last minute to purchase a critical hillside parcel of land in South Laguna.  Our City Council approved the deal June 7 using Prop. 12 monies and it would have closed by the end of the month.

 If Mission wants to be part of our community and receive our support, it must be earned by not only providing good patient care but acting like a good neighbor.  Good neighbors don’t swoop in after someone else has done all the work and steal the deal away.  What they did may not be illegal, but I don’t believe it fits with the healing mission of the Catholic Church to support social and moral principals. 

There is only one reason they would buy this parcel and that is to develop the hillsides in South Laguna despite the willingness of the community to purchase the land.  I hope people will let Mission know that they’re acting more like a for-profit corporation than a local community hospital.

Christine Hynes,

Laguna Beach

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