Hyperbole Perhaps?


Steve Dicterow must be superman. At least that is what he himself seems to think. At his 9/11 tribute, which he seems to have turned into a campaign event and a celebration of himself, he takes single-handed credit for saving Laguna Beach last time he was in office.

According to reports, “Dicterow said when he was first elected in 1994 the city had four major problems, which he said he resolved.”  Did Dicterow really use the first person singular? He resolved them? Alone?

Didn’t the city have a city council, then as now?  Did no one other than himself have anything to do with solving these major problems? Or did the council just vote to grant Steve personal dictatorial powers to save Laguna, single-handedly? He must be Superman. Give the man some tights!

Dicterow says “I don’t want to compare myself to other candidates” … but then he does, finding himself to have “more energy, more enthusiasm and more passion than all the rest put together.” According to his campaign slogan he apparently also thinks he has more “common sense” than they do.   Maybe he thinks himself prettier, too!  I wonder how well the other council members will work together with Steve now that they know what he really thinks of them. Oh, well, I’m sure he can count on his own vote.

I can’t wait for this wonderful man to tell us more about his accomplishments.  Maybe he invented the Internet? Maybe even Post-It notes!


Lee Otterholt, Laguna Beach


Lee Otterholt

1046 Katella St.

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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  1. lagoonatic

    Good letter! But I wish you’d spared me the mental image of Steve in tights. Dicterow does not suffer from any self-esteem issues. He paints himself as the only candidate with any “common sense for a change,” but his rather impersonal, bureaucratic, even unfeeling approach to the many various factions in our city leave this voter cold. I am not affiliated with Bob Whalen or his campaign, but he seems to be a more balanced personality who in it less to massage his ego than to be a public servant.

  2. barkleyg

    Steve Dictrow has some much “COMMON SENSE”, that he was on the board that hired Michael Sellers as Police Chief.

    Chief Michael Sellers hired Psychopaths and Pathological LIARS such as Rod MacDonald, who had 2 Federal Lawsuits filed against him and LBPD in less than 3 years in town, BECAUSE he was the top ticket writer in San Diego County. MacDonald had just settled another Federal Lawsuit when Sgt. Reyhouser RECRUITED this Menace to Society, putting MONEY over Public Safety.

    Chief Sellers led LBPD into the GUTTER of Law Enforcement, before leaving for Fullerton, where his lack of leadership has made him INFAMOUS for the Kelly Thomas MURDER. Chief Sellers was replaced by Chief Workman, who has even less ethics and character than Sellers and has led LBPD to it’s current position into the SEWER of Law Enforcement.

    As usual, BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER, and what does trickle down in Laguna Beach is our City Council’s lack of ethics and morals, and people with the COMMON SENSE( Character don’t matter)of Steve Dictrow, who helped start our Police Department to sink to Banana Republic Status.

    I LOVE IT when I can SEE what others are either too ignorant or blind to See!

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