Ideas to Remake a Bike-Safe Highway




I assure you my view will not be popular but it is realistic and will save lives. It’s not politically correct to think what I write below in Laguna.

I have biked Coast Highway through Laguna for 30 years. The only way to make the highway safe for bicyclists is widening the highway or making it one lane each way and turning the other lane into bike lanes, neither of which are happening.

All the other “solutions” are Band-Aid fixes that will not reduce the serious injuries and deaths associated with bicycling on Coast Highway.

I was almost killed three times over five years on Coast Highway and have been seriously injured twice. So now I simply bike up the side roads above the highway. It’s much safer and a minor inconvenience.

Bicyclists must be part of the solution not the problem. They must admit it’s simply a death trap on Coast Highway. People will only get more distracted with their cell phones and computer driven cars.

My suggestions and observations are not PC but will save lives.

Chad Newsome, Laguna Beach


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