Indy nabs top breaking news prize among state’s weeklies

Executive Editor Daniel Langhorne and Contributing Writer Breeana Greenberg share Laguna Beach Independent’s first-place prize for breaking news among weeklies for the 2021 California Journalism Awards for coverage of the Southern California oil spill. Photos courtesy of Evy Mages and Breeana Greenberg.

The California News Publishers Association awarded The Independent first place in the breaking news category for similarly-sized weekly newspapers, recognizing its coverage of the October 2021 oil spill.

Executive editor Daniel Langhorne and contributing writer Breeana Greenberg shared the recognition in the 2021 California Journalism Awards. Their entry competed against weeklies with circulations between 11,001 and 25,000 copies.

“It’s difficult to report breaking news in a non-daily publication, but the reporter here had some good local detail that larger publications might miss. Photos complimented the stories,” the CNPA judge wrote.

This was the first year the Independent has entered its stories for the statewide contest.

“Were so grateful to have our hard work recognized by industry peers,” Langhorne said. “This award reinforces that local newspapers serve an essential role in public safety. The Independent remains committed to providing timely, well-reported journalism to our readers.”

Langhorne and Greenberg are alumni of Chapman University’s journalism program.

Greenberg currently works as a city reporter for The Dana Point Times, a publication of Capistrano Beach-based Picket Fence Media.

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  1. Congratulations to Daniel and Breeana for the recognition. And, thanks for your reporting on local events. Looking forward to your reporting on our upcoming, local elections.

  2. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, Daniel and Breeana! Especially impressive for a weekly in this category.

  3. Congratulations Daniel and Breeana!! I think you should get it this year for your Coastal fire reporting too! It’s wonderful to have real reporters in Laguna as opposed to opinion writers!! Thank you for digging up facts and presenting both sides of issues.

  4. Congratulations Daniel Langhorne and Breeana Greenberg! The CNPA award is an important industry accomplishment.

    I’m particularly interested in their coverage and positions on State bills such as SB1100 (Cortese) Open Meetings: Orderly Conduct. It deals with conduct during civic meetings. This topic hits home as we experience regular disruption and IMO disorderly conduct by one of council members. Worth attention and exploring. Hoping it could provide some relief and solutions for Laguna Beach.

    Keep up the important and objective reporting. LB needs it! Thank you.

  5. Congrats Daniel and Breeana for your 1st place finish on the oil spill coverage. And thank you for reminding me to get my car’s oil change. Those pesky little window oil change reminders always fall off on me. Keep up the great reporting.


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