Interview Opens a Window on Congressman



Thank you for publishing your interview with Dana Rohrabacher, our representative in the House of the Representatives (Dec. 31 Indy).

It was an opportunity to see just how simplistic his thinking is on the very important issues that face us, such as terrorism, immigration, and gun violence.

Rohrabacher has avoided leadership, and has been very passive on such issues as San Onofre and noise from John Wayne Airport. He has consistently opposed reasonable gun control laws, a woman’s right to choose, and a host of other issues overwhelmingly favored by Californians. Very revealing was the list of his main contributors, none of them from his district, but instead from Santa Cruz, Santa Fe Springs, Montebello, and Los Angeles, including an oil drilling contractor.

We residents of South Orange County deserve much more intelligent representation. In the upcoming election, please consider those running against him, particularly Sue Savary, a reasonable, moderate, thoughtful person, who would actually listen to and represent all of our community, not just the special interests.


Roger Owens, Laguna Beach

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