Ironman Completes World Marathon Challenge

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 he said in a statement.
Robert Hamilton Owens and Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray in Dubai, January 2018. The two began their marathon careers at Ironman in 1980

Three months ago, Laguna Beach resident Robert Hamilton Owens took on and completed what’s known as the World Marathon Challenge, completing seven marathons on seven continents in seven days, he said in a statement.,

Owens, 66 intends to be the longest active ironman in the world. Inspired by a 1980 article about a triathlon, his first race was the 1980 Ironman in Honolulu. Owens prides himself on not training as a triathlete, but as a well-conditioned general athlete. “What makes it fun for me is that I don’t ride the bike at all before the event. I don’t start swimming until a month before the event. And I run indoors on a treadmill until the last three weeks before the race. Therefore, I am not really a triathlete; rather, I am a guy who knows how to run, bike, and swim, and who’s in condition for the event,” Owens said in an email.

A previous host of the Fox network television program, “Leadership for Changing Times” in Reno, Nev., Owens also served for eight years on the Nevada State Judicial Ethics Committee.

He works as a corporate business consultant and inspirational speaker.

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