Janet Haigg: Real Estate Collaboration Specialist for Divorce

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Janet Haigg: Real Estate Collaboration Specialist
for Divorce

Helping divorcing homeowners make informed decisions

Real Estate transactions for sale or purchase can be stressful even when the best circumstances exist. It is prudent to ensure your transaction is handled by a specialist who is highly professional and educated about the area of your property and your emotional needs, especially when involving divorce. A qualified, knowledgeable professional who listens and will give you direction toward informed decisions is especially essential, as the potential for financial and emotional strain is much greater with divorce.

As a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist for Divorce (RCSD), Janet Haigg is set apart as the specialist able to help divorcing homeowners make an “informed” decision and facilitate results that will benefit them both now and in the future. Janet specializes as an RCSD, further enhancing her over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Not only does she empathize with individuals going through divorce, she understands the need to provide services that could help determine their best options when it comes to their home. Those services include obtaining special documentation and assisting with the ongoing coordination with attorneys, or other liaison requirements, as well as preventing secured debt disasters in divorce real estate.

Having gone through divorce herself, while independently raising her two daughters in South Orange County, Janet has successfully worked through the most challenging situations, including saving her own family home. As a result of her experience with this life changing event, Janet has been able to guide other divorcees, families and individuals impacted by divorce. “Divorce is challenging, and emotions can take over our rationality, leading to decisions and actions which may be regretted for years to come,” she says. “Real Estate is typically our biggest asset. When the sale of real property is part of a divorce proceeding, even a ‘friendly’ divorce can become acrimonious. It may also have emotional attachment, especially when kids are involved. It is important to go through the necessary steps to determine your best options, and whether to keep or sell your house,” Janet says.

Janet provides specialty service at no additional cost as a value-added benefit to her clients. “Assisting individuals or families in the midst of the emotional turmoil is my area of expertise and specialized training as an RCSD. Whether that means simply managing the mechanics of the sale or purchase or providing more extensive support and referring you to a trusted network of professionals that share the same values,” she says. “I believe that helping people in need at a time when they may be most vulnerable will allow for me to build relationships, trust and continue to service my clients in their best interests.”

For more information, call Janet Haigg, RCSD
CalBRE# 01272821

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