Jeanne Cottraux Lynch

Jeanne Lynch, a former Laguna Beach artist, passed away on March 1, 2011, in Anaheim. She was 65.

In 1981, Lynch settled in Laguna Beach as a single mother with her youngest daughter. A free spirit who loved everything about Laguna, the artist found inspiration in the town where she felt at home to create the illustrations and calligraphy for which she became known.

Her artistic talent was inherited from her mother Nell, who created illustrations into her 80s. Lynch shared her love for art with daughter Katie. Together, they established a graphics design company, which Katie Ford continues to operate since her mother’s retirement in 1995.

One of Lynch’s favorite pastimes was participating in the annual Patriot’s Day Parade, driving her pink convertible VW bug in the line-up with giant crayon props in the back. She was always proud to be a part of Laguna’s community spirit.

Lynch also leaves behind a legacy inspired by her car, depicted in one of the holiday palates that are hung from streetlights with Santa Claus behind the wheel and the back seat overflowing with a Christmas tree and gifts.

Generous and caring, Lynch will be remembered for helping those around her. Among those with fond memories is a friend, Steve, a composer and pianist, who attributes his success as a Broadway musician to Lynch’s constant encouragement, unending love and support. She will be missed by all.

Her three children, Kathryn Ford of Laguna Beach, Gary Michael deGero Jr., and Deborah C. Hart; and six grandchildren, Hana and Sydney Ford, Travis, Brittany, and Sierra deGero, and Kyle Hart, survive her.

Private services are to be held at a later date.



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  1. Steven Withers

    Dear Jeannie,

    You are so loved by Marc and myself. Your life, art, and spirit will live in us always, and we will always be grateful for the gifts you gave and the gift you were to us. You believed in this artist, and in art in general. The quirks of your collecting, and the joy you took in artistic expression was so lovely. My heart breaks with your passing, and we miss you so much.

    Much love to your family, as well.

    Steve and Marc

  2. Linda Stoddard

    Although I didn’t know Jeannie personally, I felt that I did through my nephews, Marc and Steve. She came into their lives when they most needed support and love and she inspired them to do wonderful things. For that I thank her for being such a positive soul to these two young men, introducing them to a whole new world and giving them much joy and unconditional love.

    Rest in peace,

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