Jetliners Still Overfly Laguna



Have noticed several letters in reference to flights over Laguna.  In 2011, I heard planes flying over Laguna and researched the issue and was told pilots and airlines decide at what point the planes turn. If they do not go out as far over water to gain altitude, they save on fuel and time.  Hence, we hear them as they come back and gain altitude.  I was told to call the airlines and complain.

For years, parts of Newport Beach has taken the brunt of noise and has been working on changing this.  Our congressional representative is from Huntington Beach (initially some flights were going over Huntington Beach) and his political base is Newport Beach. Both areas do not want any flights or want to minimize flights over their cities, especially over Balboa Island and its expensive real estate.  This has resulted in apparently more flights over Laguna Beach.

At that time I wrote a letter to editor on this subject and provided contact info; I went before city council. Councilwoman Toni Iseman raised her hand and said that she would take this issue and pursue it.  I understand she has made several visits to Washington D.C. on the subject and a member of staff at city hall periodically sends out a “report” on status.  Which so far has not changed anything.

Last year I saw an article in the Los Angeles Times stating that different business groups in Orange County are working together to change hours at John Wayne Airport, increase the number of flights and expand geographic range of flights to increase tourism and business.

Guess who will win that issue with Rohrabacher and some of the same folks who wanted to create an international airport at what is now the Great Park working together?  The Great Park is another failure led by some well intentioned folks who are still spending a lot of money and getting nowhere with the original plan.  At least that land is no longer available to create another airport.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach


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