John Horvath

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Our beloved son, John Miklos Horvath, who was born April 26, 1969, passed away on March 9, 2015.

He leaves behind a son, a sister and her family, and his mother Elizabeth Horvath, a registered nurse. We will never forget him and we will always love him for eternity

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  1. Chris Crowley

    You were the best friend I could have ever asked for. I love you brother.

  2. Mike Maguire

    You disappeared and now I found out you passed away tonight. Seven months after the fact. You had a very kind heart and I will miss seeing you. Through all your terrible struggles you maintained empathy for others.
    That my friend was no small feat. I hope there is much peace and kindness where ever you went.
    I hope Barry W was there when you showed up .
    I appreciate the time we spent chatting.
    You are missed.

  3. Elizabeth Campbell

    I am trying to locate Miklos Horvath Sr. I am an executor of Lee Rabie’s estate in Seattle, my understanding is that Mik and Lee were in business together at one tome. Please contact me if you would re same – [email protected]

  4. Andrea Adelson

    I don’t find the contact info in my inbox, but I’ve asked the ad manager to check if we have retained contact info related to the obit.

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