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By Irene DeBasio
By Irene DeBasio

VINTAGE CLOTHES – Huge sale of old, outdated clothing. Cheap.  We have men’s three-piece suits and tons of men’s vests in a huge assortment of fabrications. Movie wardrobe/Halloween? MUST GO.  #DecadesAgo


TURTLE – Mitch is a really nice turtle.  We want to give him away to a good home.  Our dog and cat can’t stand Mitch

and in a democracy the majority get to decide things.  Sorry about that.  #It’sTimeForMitchToGo.


PLAID flannel onesy – men’s extra-large pajama with feet and trap door – never worn – received as a Christmas gift

last year, still in gift box. I refuse to wear this thing to bed – EVER!  $10 buys it. #SleepyButNotDeadYet


PRIUS – for sale – Coexist bumper sticker – must sell ASAP – All offers considered.  Leaving town. #InAMercedes.


SENIORS – Holiday Jamboree.  Bring one gift-wrapped item and $15 entrance fee. Music, prizes, entertainment.

Participants must be over 65 years of age (carded, no cheating). Sorry, no dancing allowed  #Polly’sFridayNoon


Irene DeBlasio, retired poet and essayist, is a resident of Laguna Woods.


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  1. Greetings Miss De Blasio, It took me a moment to figure out what a trap door means. Good stuff once again. I hope you’ll have a Thanksgiving version?

    Happy day o’ the turkey and thanks for the laughs. I am thankful for finding your column every week.

    PS – Poor turtle!

  2. Hello Geedee,
    I’m grateful that you found me and wrote a comment — I’m working on a special feature for Thanksgiving. Hope you like it.
    Yes, poor turtle…we all want progress but don’t like change.
    Thanks for posting.


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