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By Irene DeBasio
By Irene DeBasio

BEST CAT EVER – Melvin is a 6 year old, neutered cat, black and white.  We’re looking for a good home for him because we’re moving and can’t take him along.  He is a wonderful companion, very gentle – the best.  #WeMissMelvinAlready


LET’S EAT OUT – Dining group forming. We will dine at a different restaurant every Wednesday night in Laguna Beach. No membership dues; just sign your pledge to show up at 7 p.m. happy hour at Las Brisas #WeDine2night


PETITE BLONDE LADY – 90 years old, looking for handsome stranger to go out with. Must love live theater, art galleries, movies, dancing, dining at Olive Garden and Bingo. You must have hair; teeth are a plus.  #HeyGoodLooking


MASSIVE MOVING SALE – Four housemates downsizing – must sell furniture, books, paintings, appliances.  Sacrifice: two Harleys in great condition – touring – $11,000 each. Gotta see them.  #MyWay/Highway


LOOKING FOR TIFFANY BYLCZINSKI – You are love of my life.  I am sorry for make you mad at me. I miss your cooking and wonderful pastries from homeland. Dancing girl no longer interest to me. Forgive please.  #BorisBeHome


Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist and poet, lives in Laguna Woods


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  1. Hey, I like the idea of Wednesday night dining! Will pass on the 90 year old though. Maybe she cold buy one of the Harleys?

    Melvin made me sad. I had to remind myself these are not real ads.

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Hi Geedee and Dennis Paine,

    Thank you both for your astute comments. Sorry to report both Harleys have been sold. Melvin has found a good home though, which is great. The 90 year old woman has joined the dining club. Boris and Tiffany are back together again.
    Dancing girls are available to entertain. Any takers?

  3. If I wasn’t married & committed to a marriage well into a 4th decade I’d love to dine out with this lovely lady & we’d start a date with a visit to a museum or gallery of her choice. Hope my age wouldn’t be an issue, I’m only 63, so I wouldn’t want her to feel as if she was, well, robbing from the crib. ;)) *Melvin sounds like he is a Tuxedo. Our Henry James is a 14 year old Tux. He is more dog like than cat, follows me every where & is a great listener. Have a wonderful day & weekend, your friend, whiteshot ~~~


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