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By Irene DeBasio
By Irene DeBasio


HUSBAND CARE CENTER – If you are a wife or significant other who wants to go shopping, meet a friend for lunch, get her hair and nails done, drop your husband off at our care center. He can play cards, hoops, do woodworking or work on a classic car. #Hubbies


48 USED BREAD BOARDS – Sacrifice sale, make offer.  I own and operate a restaurant. My customers have begged me to stop serving my bread and pastry on breadboards; they HATE them.  Do me a favor and buy the whole batch.  #CustomerIsRight


BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH – Please, just forget about your Uncle Claudius; he doesn’t care about you, he’s only interested in himself.  I can make a good dinner for you – plus delicious cocktails of your choice. Let me know when is a good time.  #UDaMan


AUNT LULU’S BENTLEY –When Lulu died she left her car in a storage area somewhere in Bronx, New York. The building is being torn down; there are no heirs to take the car.  Has not been moved in 45-plus years. Real bargain/make offer.  #LuluWasALady


SENIOR VALENTINE TEA DANCE – Singles are welcome, but must be nice.  No funny stuff here like in Silicon Valley. Tea and scones, finger sandwiches and pastry will be served 3 to 6 p.m. Live music, Wednesday, Feb 14; $5 admission.  #BeMyValentine


Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist and poet, lives in Laguna Woods.


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  1. Got a real kick out of Husband Care Center… I think it should be a chain!

    I have to agree about the break boards. The only thing worse are the places that
    either serve mushy “bread” or that make you pay for it.


  2. Hello Geedee,
    I always appreciate your comments. Yes, the husband care center seems like a good idea. You never know — it might become a chain some day.
    I agree on the bread boards — they are annoying, especially if you are cutting bread and crumbs fly all over the place. I hope all restaurants will abandon them.


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