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By Irene DeBasio
By Irene DeBasio

EXPIRED FROZEN PIZZAS for sale.  Okay, I’ve got a dozen frozen pizzas dated April 30, 2018; nobody in my family will eat them and I hate to throw them away.  They are still edible; buy the dozen for 50% off.  What a bargain! Don’t let one more day go by.  #ExpiredButGood


SMOKER’S CRUISE to nowhere!  Grab your cigs and lighters — join us at the Dana Point dock either next Saturday or Sunday (or both, if you can) Sail-away deck party at 11 a.m., head out to sea. $50 incl. lunch (roast beef, turkey, tomato/cheese, pb&j sandwich – chips, drink, apple) #Smokin’


BELLA, THE PARROT is up for adoption again.  She is sweet and loveable but swears too much in public.  If you embarrass easily, she’s not for you.  She can get very loud sometimes but has a wonderful temperament.  Free, but to a good family only!   #SwearsButSweet


ANTI-PLASTIC PROTEST – Join our demonstration to outlaw plastic products, which are ruining our global communities.  We do not need plastic

bags, straws, plates, utensils, bottles, cups, bowls that clog our oceans, beaches, deserts or mountains with junk. Contact:  #StopPlasticNow


AFTER MOTHER’S DAY SALE: All related merchandise — candy, flowers, vases, purses, and all our

cute statues — 60% off.  Why not stock up for next year’s fiesta (some Easter items are available too).  #TchotchkesGalore


Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist and poet, lives in Laguna Woods.

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