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By Irene DeBasio
By Irene DeBasio

BEDROOM FOR RENT in our spacious apartment. A bargain at $450 per month. We do NOT have a microwave, WiFi, television, radio. Please – no drugs, smoking, drinking, parking. Landlord does not allow pets of any type. Share kitchen and bathroom.  #WelcomeHome

CHEVY NOVA for sale.  Has not been driven in 27 years, needs complete overhaul.  Not sure what color or year it is.  Free to the first person who can get it towed away at no charge to me. Enjoy the ride.  #SleepingCar

EDITER WATNED – No expertnis neded – you shud hav nowlige of keebord so yu can tipe fas. Gud salerie. Start rite awa.  #CorrectAll

SÉANCE AT JACKSON SQUARE, New Orleans. Getting group together for four days during Halloween.  All inclusive price for airfare, hotel,

most meals, bus service, café au lait and beignets at Café du Monde, Mississippi river boat, Sazerac cocktails/dining. #BigEasySpooks

CIVILITY TRAINING – Stop ranting and learn how to control your temper.  You’ve probably had anti-bias training but have trouble controlling your emotions. There is a healthy, productive way to deal with people you hate; we show you the way. Bring your own masking tape. #Shhh


Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist and poet, lives in Laguna Woods.


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  1. Geedee,

    I agree — Chevy and Ford made great cars in the old days. I still get a chuckle about the Nova because translated from Spanish, No Va means it doesn’t run.

    Thanks for the comment.


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