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By Irene DeBasio

VALENTINE DINNER-DANCE – For loving couples, come to the annual Branahougan Hilltop Dinner-Dance. $25 per couple – a delicious dinner and dancing in our ballroom to a live band. Champagne/wine/beer available with our special three-course dinner. #TwoHeartsTogether


SUPER EVENT PLANNER – Hallo, is me, Tiffany Bylczinski. I am making for you all special events – very affordable. We have dancing girls dressed in beautiful outfits to serve you dishes from the Homeland, including Kremsnita – also photos for cheap. #GoodTimesRoll


BOOT CAMP – Come and get your boots – sale of the century – we’ve got them all.  Little boots, big boots, rubber, leather, faux fur, rain boots, snow boots, cute boots, lace boots – all boots on sale now. Boots for weddings and NASCAR. Get ‘em here – on sale. #BootsForHoots


OLDER MALE – mid 70s, cranky. I’m looking for a room in your home where I can just lie down and sleep. Kitchen and bathroom privileges needed for survival – I am not a gourmet and take one shower/shave per day. I can pay $500 per month limit.  #CallGrumpyGuy


DRIVING LESSONS – I will teach you how to drive in my classic T-bird – but only on sunny days. $12 an hour – not a dual-control car, but I will trust you to control the situation (one mistake and we’re finished). You will learn slowly but well, except for freeways. #GoldieBoyDrives


Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist, lives in Laguna Woods.


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  1. Grumpy guy sounds like a real winner. If this shows up multiple times it’s because I keep trying to comment but it won’t let me. Here goes nothing.


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