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By Irene DeBasio

DID YOU SAVE MY LIFE? Yesterday, I woke up in the hospital, but don’t know how I got there. All I remember was being out on the wateron my surfboard. I have no idea what happened, but I’d like to reward someone for saving my life. Describe the beach. #OutOfOrder


NEW VEGGIE RESTAURANT opening soon along Coast Highway, Laguna Beach. New concept – help yourself and pay – honor system. We have breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner – no booze yet. All items are cash only – tipping is not permitted. #LettuceEatNow.


BEAUTIFICATION TRUCK – Do you need a haircut, shampoo, styling? We have a route that we travel (just like Lobsta Truck). We have a website where you can check out the days, we’ll be in your nabes. Check it out and stand by – first come, first served. We can do mani/pedi, too. #WooHooStunner


VEGAS, BABY – You don’t need to be a whale to get special attention in Vegas! Join our caravan – leaving from Laguna Beach next Monday for Vegas. Sign up and meet at designated area at 11 ayem – you drive your own car in the caravan. We get you the hotel rate, one show plus dinner. #BlackAndRed


LOST ON ALISO – One large blue beach tent and a couple of beach chairs. They may have fallen along the road or been taken from our SUV – no idea what happened to them. If you have them or have any information about them, we have a reward for you – Walmart gift card! #LostBeachStuff


Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist, lives in Laguna Woods.

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