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By Irene DeBasio

DEAR AL – I know the truth about you and really want to forgive you for the fraud you perpetrated on me. I should have known better about having an online relationship with a stranger. Please return all the money I sent you “in Iraq” Florida. #ImAnIdiot

EVENT PLANNER – Is me, Tiffany Bylzcinski – your favarit events planning lady. I can make magnificent new party for you any time. I bring dancing girls in beautiful special costumes. Remember – $200 for everytings you wil need – dessert from homeland including. #BigParty

YOGA, MEDITATION – We have a new group forming and will meet for Yoga on Laguna Beach at dawn. We will hold silent meetings and serve our own brand of tea. Keep your eye out for future announcements – we will be extremely subtle. #QuietPlease

EXCHANGES and consignment for your treasured items. We all have so much stuff we’re not using anymore. Our truck will be in your neighborhood soon, so round up all those old tchotchkes and bring them to our truck for sale. Maybe someone else can use them. #JunkManCometh

TIRED OLD RETIRED BOB – I’m just an old guy, tuckered out from a boring life. Looking for some fun/mischief. How about having a group of young girls come over to my patio and perform some songs and dances. Let me know when and I’ll make some chocolate chip cookies for us. #Yippee

Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist, lives in Laguna Woods.

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  1. #JunkManCometh

    Hey JMC, don’t need no exchanges or sales. Just come on by and take it all!


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