Just for Laughs

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By Irene DeBasio

WINNEBAGO FOR SALE – One-of-a-kind rolling home/dressing room belonging to a HOT actress of the 1980s. Wow – you won’t believe what went on here! This is a true piece of entertainment history – big names/big happenings for only $55,000 (photos included) #LaVidaLoca


UN-SCHOOLERS – We are a group of young parents fighting to teach our children right from wrong, strong values and principles. The world and nature are the schoolhouse. If you have young children and want them to learn our way, join us. No cell phones permitted. #NoClassroom


LEGAL HOT DOGS – Come to the hotdog truck near Aliso Beach on Wednesday. We’re selling delicious hotdogs – bun, sauerkraut, mustard, relish and – for an extra quarter, we will provide sage legal advice to anyone needing legal help – this is a real offer – sharp! #LegalDogs


EXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHER – Never took any photography class – I shoot by instinct using natural backgrounds – no “special” photos, just real, out-in-nature shots near trees, flowers, grass, beach – no special lenses or phony stuff – just reality. #DoYouSeeMe


APRIL FOOL’S DAY DANCE – Meet us at Heisler Park for a costume party – no face coverings, please. We are raising money for a few charities close to our hearts. $10 a couple or $5 admission fee. Meet near the gazebo and we will walk together to the actual site. #AprilFool


Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist, lives in Laguna Woods.


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