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By Irene DeBasio

LOTS OF BUNNIES – I have a huge garden full of beautiful rabbits and am giving them away at no charge. Come and take a look and carry a few of them home with you. PLEASE. #They’reFree

VW MINIBUS – It’s a classic! Beige exterior – Rides nine people – needs work on the interior but you can still ride it from coast to coast. No A/C but you can open all the windows and impress others – $8,000. #Wowee

INTERNATIONAL Linguist – Let me come and live with you – I will teach you the basics of nearly any language. You will feed me and give me three squares a day. Two-week trial period – guarantee.  #Speakabit

SALLY SEEKS a dancing partner – I am a retired lady who loves to dance. You are a distinguished gent who has your own hair and teeth. Please have a fashionable wardrobe, late-model car (able to drive at night). #Romeo?

TAX ACCOUNTANT – Let me calculate your taxes. I will examine all your issues and file your return. I am a real CPA and will come to your home. I charge a reasonable fee and will bring a delicious homemade pie. #Pie4U


Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist, lives in Laguna Woods.

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