Koran’s Exempt from Desecration?

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The recent cowardly desecration of Bibles left scattered around town last week by Niko Theris and his fellow atheists was very revealing.

During his many years as an activist atheist, Mr. Theris has conveniently taken the safe path by attacking Christianity and Judaism to make his grandiose statements against “religion” while neglecting to even mention Islam.  But if as he claims “International Blasphemy Rights Day” was against all religion, then why did his group purposely avoid desecrating the Koran?

Perhaps Mr. Theris feared that the blowback from the Muslim community would have been a bit more volatile and life changing.  It is interesting to note that we have not yet heard anything from President Obama or General Patraeus regarding this Bible bashing.  Oh well, I guess only the Koran gets special treatment.


Ben Earl, Laguna Beach

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