Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center to showcase 3 artists who captured a historic year

Triple Threat by Carrie Zeller. Courtesy of Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center

Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center will hold an opening reception for “2020: Three artists respond to a historic year” from 7 to 10 p.m. on Jan. 28. The show runs until March 3.

Artists Jorg Dubin, Carrie Zeller, and Tom Lamb individually dedicated themselves to documenting this unprecedented year.

Dubin tackles social injustice and political division in brutal realism that commands the viewers’ attention.

Zeller’s photographic collages bring to the forefront compelling images of basic human rights that often motivate people to take a closer look at their personal existence and how they treat those around them keeping a sense of optimism just beneath the surface.

Lamb approached the turmoil of 2020 by considering the impact of Black Lives Matter as seen in Minneapolis, climate change as seen from above, and the pandemic’s disproportionate impact in certain regions.

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