Laguna Beach Democratic Club to virtually host experts confronting climate change

Kathleen Treseder, UCI professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Courtesy of Laguna Beach Democratic Club

The Laguna Beach Democratic Club invites the public to tune in to its June 2 virtual meeting where Orange County-based experts will present the latest strategies for fighting the harmful effects of climate change.

The panelists include Ayn Craciun, an Irvine-based environmental activist, and UCI professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Kathleen Treseder.

Registration for this Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 7:00 pm is free and available at

“The Laguna Beach Democratic Club’s program on climate change is one in a continuing series of presentations on issues vital to our community and to our country,” Club President Gwen McNallan said in a statement. “From recent talks on extremist internet chatter to Orange County’s prison system, our speakers have been the best and brightest in their respective fields.”

Californians are especially affected by the rising oceans, extreme wildfires and drought connected to climate change, scientists say.

Craciun and Treseder are motivated and passionate advocates working at the city and county level to advance innovative climate measures, said Aviva Meyers, club membership chair and climate policy advocate.

“Their work will take us into the modern era in terms of reducing the climate threats Laguna Beach and Orange County face,” Meyers said in a statement. “Our speakers will address how Laguna Beach and other cities can update and enforce climate regulations, where climate and social justice movements intersect and what Lagunans can do to make our town more sustainable.”

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  1. “Where climate and social justice movements intersect….” Nice words. What do you mean?
    Prez of the Dem Club, do you mean what Michelle Steele has done to help the Laguna Canyon Conservancy get the word out? Do you mean how Larry Nokes sides with the big developers trying to tear out trees, ignoring the fact that they provide oxygen which impacts climate change? What has happen to the Dem Club which helped Harley Rouda win?? Are you forever gone??? Irrevocably changed? Are you already grooming Democrats to get the seats
    on the “nonpartisan” City Council? Why not change your name to “The Club Which Supports Big Nonpartisan Ideas, and call it a day…

    Climate change affects the world… and all of us in our village. So do changes in the Canyon, pollution of our oceans, car congestion, parking…
    And what does making Laguna Beach “sustainable “ mean to you?

    I would hope the Laguna Beach Democratic Club
    remains sustainable.

  2. What is the Mission? If the Mission is sustainability, then the City should set Goals and take Actions to achieve it. Does the Dem Club feel the only way to achieve the Mission is to politicize Climate Change and “win” by political favoritism”? Packing the Council? If so, then we will accomplish nothing. Science cleaned-up the ozone hole and will likely find ancient microbial life on Mars, politics gave us Afghanistan. Make the right choice.


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