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Teaching Life Skills

Laguna Beach Dojo-Karate

Jeff Kash, Chief Instructor

6th Degree Master, Jeff Kash has been teaching martial arts in Laguna Beach since 2002! In his 18+ years, he has taught thousands of people from the Laguna Beach community from preschool age kids to high schoolers and early twenties all the way to retired professionals. He is a dedicated supporter of the community including running after school programs at both grade schools, contributing to community events and helping local fundraisers.

Q: How is Karate at Laguna Beach Dojo different from other activities?

A: Many activities that parents choose to enroll their children in can actually end up damaging a child’s self esteem! Beyond the physical activity they get, there are usually very few benefits taught. This is in part because the coaches are often volunteers with very little experience in the proper methods to foster team building and develop other valuable lessons.

In contrast, each of our instructors are full-time professionals who are background checked and have trained for countless hours not only on their art, but how to be an effective instructor and mentor. Along with this, our curriculum is designed to help students build self-confidence and self-esteem through goal-setting and incremental achievements of success. They also develop self-discipline and respect in each class making them better martial artists, students in school and citizens in the community.

There are not many programs out there that can simultaneously train and develop a student – PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, & EMOTIONALLY!

Q: With Covid-19, how are you making your classes safe for students?
A: The health, safety and wellbeing of our students has always been a top priority at Laguna Beach Dojo. In following guidelines from the CDC and local authorities, we have modified our class schedule to meet or exceed all recommendations as well as fit everyone’s comfort level. We are conducting classes live in our dojo with restrictions on class sizes, live in various parks around the community and live virtual classes via Zoom.

Q: Jeff, What is one of your greatest rewards from teaching?
A: Being able to be a part of the development of our youth. Seeing them grow into incredible young men and women and getting to stay in touch long past their time in Laguna has made it an incredibly honorable journey. Hearing about their successes gives me purpose and keeps me motivated to help the next generations to come!

Contact Info:
Jeff Kash, Chief Instructor, 949-499-5768
[email protected]
30824 South Coast Hwy, Suite A
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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