Laguna Beach native attends Grammys after music video nomination

Jack Winter attended the Grammy Awards with his girlfriend and fellow producer Katelyn Pippy in Las Vegas on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Jack Winter

A Laguna Beach High School alumnus enjoyed an evening on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards following the nomination of a music video he helped produce for pop star Justin Bieber.

Jack Winter, class of 2013, served as a freelance line producer on the music video for Bieber’s “Peaches”. The video was bested by Jon Batiste’s for “Freedom.”

“I’m extremely lucky that I have the opportunity to make cool stuff with my friends and that’s exactly what this video is,” Winter said. “I get to work with these guys job after job and they’ve become a family to me.”

The 26-year-old credits Andrew Crisp, a Thurston Middle School computer multimedia teacher, for inspiring him in seventh grade to pursue a career pathway in film production.

“I remember being in seventh grade taking his digital media class for the first time,” Winter said. “I would spend my lunches and breaks with him. He got me onto a couple of professional sets.”

Winter graduated from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in 2017. Since that time he’s had the opportunity to work with artists and production professionals he admires. After previously working with them on film sets, Jack was elated to once again see electronic music artists Diplo and Major Lazer.

As the CEO of Artifact Content, Jamee Ranta, served as the executive producer on the “Peaches” music video, leading the team that included Winter.

“I can’t talk about ‘Peaches’ without mentioning Jack Winter, who was our line producer on the job. Jack really was able to help wrangle and pull it together in terms of some logistics — and also our production designer Wes [Dogan],” Ranta told Showbiz CheatSheet.

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  1. George Klein – Yes, because maybe you’ve heard – music videos are a thing now, as they were not when Elvis was still above ground.

  2. Barbara – F.Y.I. The Producer of “A Hard Day’s Night” wasn’t a picture posuer like these Millenial vid-kids are now, plain and simple. No class anymore.

  3. Wow, George and Stu…trashing a local young person for walking the red carpet at an awards ceremony in which HE was nominated. Classy. Not to mention the fact that he credits a local teacher for inspiring him. Maybe we should be talking about the Boomers who have no class anymore…


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