Laguna Rides Well

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The Laguna Beach High School surf team competed in the Scholastic Surf Series High School State Championships held at Church’s Beach (Trestles) earlier this month.

Dante Madrigal and Jake Levine competed in the shortboard contest against San Diguito and Michael Chapman also did his best braving the cold morning conditions without a wetsuit. The 4-5 feet surf with cooler conditions made the paddle out tough.



Cayla Henderson


The girls worked hard against Torrey Pines. Anika Pitz did a good job scoring some nice rides as did Megan Mathews, but a leash break and long swim for Cayla Henderson saw them just edged out. The girls re-grouped in shortboard against Carlsbad with Cayla, Anika and Jaden Christensen taking the win. Later, they were pitted against San Clemente and were eliminated.

The bodyboard team of Spencer Davis and Hunter Johnson went hard against Carlsbad and were just edged out.

In individual competition, Spencer Davis finished sixth in bodyboard.

In boys shortboard, brothers Zach and Jake Levine advanced several round, with Zach eliminated in the quarter finals with a 10th place finish.

Meanwhile Jake and Dylan Davis were eliminated in round four.

The first round also saw wins for Dante Madrigal and Willy Hogan, but they did not advance in the second round.

In the county ratings, Laguna Beach won first overall plus first in boys shortboard, boys longboard, girls shortboard and bodyboard and second in girls longboard.


Boys Shortboard

1st Tobie Grierson

2nd Zach Levine

3rd Jake Levine

4th Noah North

6th Dylan Davis

Boys Longboard

2nd Tobie Grierson

3rd Wesley Eagleton


Girls Longboard

1st Anika Pitz

2nd Cayla Henderson


Girls Shortboard

1st Anika Pitz

5th Cayla Henderson



1st Spencer Davis



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