Laguna Should Serve as a Beacon for the County



I have been following the debate regarding the permanent supportive housing proposed by the Friendship Shelter with interest.  First, I feel the project is a definite step in the right direction for both the shelter and the city of Laguna Beach.  I am confident that a positive and workable development will result from this partnership.

Secondly, I am certain that any venture of this type run by the Friendship Shelter staff will be done with care, forethought and best outcomes in mind.  Having been on the board for six years, I have first hand knowledge of the dedication and professionalism the staff embodies.   No group of individuals works harder or with more passion than they do.

Finally, this endeavor is fitting for Laguna Beach.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront on social and environmental issues.  We require our students at LBHS to have a minimum of 40 hours of community service and encourage community involvement and outreach at Thurston, TOW and El Morro.  This is simply an outgrowth of this commitment.

As we as a community ponder the impact an undertaking such as this will have, we cannot forget that it is incumbent on each of us to consider the least among us.  By supporting the most vulnerable members of our society, we are strengthening our community as a whole.  Everyone will benefit in the long run.  I see this as an opportunity to be a beacon for the county; one that may inspire others to tackle the most intransigent problem that we face today.  I think that is what “only in Laguna” really means.

Ketta Brown, Laguna Beach

The author is an elected member of the school board.

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