Why is Laguna Timid About Curbing View Blocking Trees?


I’ve recently moved to Laguna Beach and admit to having no senority in the adversarial subject of the view ordinance.  However, in my current residence, it’s clear (no pun intended) that our ocean view is significantly impaired by tall (as in very tall) growth.  What I’m missing is the benefit owners enjoy in their obstinate retention of trees (including bamboo) that are 40, 50 and 60 feet tall … and growing.

Palm trees excepted, what is gained by growth well above their house height, specifically when it impacts (in this case, the view) of others?  It certainly can’t be privacy, nor can it be additional shade. Granted, years and decades of neglect make lowering a formidable task.  Bamboo can approach heights of 100 feet, standing tall in clusters, virtually forever … for what purpose? What is it that inhibits the owner’s consideration of neighbors?

I’m reluctant to believe it’s arrogance, or, as some suggest, wealth (somehow inferring that as being causal to disregard others). More likely, it borders on apathy, the result of prolonged procrastination. Whatever the reason or cause, the issues begs for resolution.  One objective comment that I’ve read seems to ring true; if city government has the authority to control the myriad things we know it does (like it or not), why on earth are they being so timid in addressing this issue?

Mike Gamerl (Sr.), Laguna Beach

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