LagunaTunes presents “Comin’ Alive” virtual mini-concert


LagunaTunes members have continued to rehearse separately, record separately, and gather online to produce another mini-concert. Channel your inner Bee Gees and hum along with this tribute to community and an invitation to enjoy Downtown Laguna.

Watch Comin’ Alive at, or view it at

The group also expressed gratitude for a Festival of Arts Foundation Grant ($3,000 for 2021) and Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Grant ($3,000 for 2021-22). This support has helped local performing arts survive through the pandemic.

Although LagunaTunes in-person rehearsals and performances are temporarily suspended, members look forward to safely resuming in the fall. The chorus is led by Bob Gunn, director of Orange County’s Men Alive chorus and Laguna’s St. Mary’s choir. LagunaTunes is a nonprofit organization that offers choral singing to the community without auditions. Funding is by the Festival of Arts Foundation, Laguna Beach hotels, and Laguna Beach.

For more information email [email protected]


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