Lamenting an Impossible System


While many of the Orange County Libraries have a new fiber optic internet service, the Laguna Beach branch must wait until October to have the new service installed.

Our local librarians will admit that literally hundreds of library patrons have left the Laguna Beach branch and gone to the independent Newport Beach city library and other Orange County branch libraries that have the new system.

Using our internet system is almost impossible. Emails noted as spam and “clicked” to get rid of often means other emails you want to read disappear and cannot be found. On Mondays, which seem to be the worst day, often when you try to send an email, the alphabetical list of email addresses will not appear and many times when you enter a topic you want to look up, it takes forever to get it.

It is even rumored for reasons not given that when Laguna gets the new system, it won’t work.

And you thought you lived in the modern age. Not at our library — and please remember that while I walked by a new Bentley convertible this morning on my way to the Laguna library, not everyone in Laguna Beach can afford or has a computer and internet service.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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