Laura Holty

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Laura Holty

Laura Holty passed peacefully in April of 2015.

As she told the attending staff, “I have had a wonderful life. I had a career that I loved, a wonderful family, friends and experiences that were amazing for a woman of my time.”

That is all true. While her family moved from the East Coast to California during the Great Depression, Laura did most of the driving though she was still underage.

During her scholarship college days, when one of her employers didn’t have the money to pay her wages, she was given flying lessons in small airplanes instead.

She received her master’s degree from USC. She went to Tibet when few could enter. She traveled extensively. One of her favorite trips was taking the mail boat around Norway.

For her 90th birthday, her family took her up in a hot air balloon.

Laura had a long and satisfying marriage with Donald Holty.

She is survived by two daughters, a stepson, eight grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Holty was always there if family or friend needed someone to talk to and always approached other’s issues as if they were her own. She was an integral centerpiece keeping all parts of the family in communication regardless of geographic separation.

Holty dedicated her life to education. Through her career she happily gave her all to Pasadena City College. She stressed the value of education to her students, her family and the community.

Upon retirement, she spent years of her efforts helping to fund the Laguna Beach Senior Center known as the Susi Q.

A very accomplished and positive woman, we all thank Holty for all she gave to our lives. She will be missed.

Services were private.


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