Is Lawsuit Expense the Tip of the Iceberg?

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In response to your recent article about suspensions at LBHS, I think you missed the point…

The issue of concern here is not the number of suspensions reported by LBHS. Instead, several questions of vastly more importance emerge from facts embedded in your article. First, why on earth is our school district using over $150,000 of taxpayer money to fight vs. a family in a case it has already lost four times? What can possibly be gained?

Further, if this expenditure is so blatantly misguided and abusive of taxpayer money, what other expenditures might be lurking in budgets and agendas that we are unaware of.

Lastly, where is the oversight? How can we as taxpayers and parents trust that our children’s best interests are being looked after? Are there not more important areas of concern for our taxpayer money and our leaders’ effort and energy?

Laura Keller, Laguna Beach


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