LBHS Paper Hosts its Own Benefit Concert

The high school’s newspaper, Brush and Palette hosts its second annual benefit concert on Friday, Jan. 11, to help raise funds for its operations.

Student tickets are $10 for the 6:30 p.m. concert at the Artists’ Theatre, which will feature student and alumni acts.

Student acts include a variety of solo and group performances, a jazz showcase, hard rock/metal, pop rock covers by a ukulele soloist, a funk band, hip hop and performances by Your Ugly Sister. Alumni acts performing are Rapper Zacky T (Zack Toma) and Macarena Rivera, who will be performing with her band, the Budrows.

“The paper is a significant part of our tradition and school culture and the concert will serve the dual purpose of supporting the efforts of our journalists as well as providing an evening of outstanding music and fun,” said Principal Joanne Culverhouse.

Proceeds will be used to help defray school newspaper production costs and purchase new equipment. “I am proud of my students and their thoughtful planning,” said journalism class adviser Jim Brusky. “They hope to establish an annual concert tradition that future newspaper staffs can maintain with enthusiasm and professionalism.”

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