LBHS Test Scores Show College Readines

Test scores by Laguna Beach High School students on the ACT, SAT, and Advanced Placement exams indicate they are outperforming their peers in the state, nation, and globally, according to a district statement.


This week, 9-11 grade students will participate in college preparatory testing to provide them guidance on taking the official tests. All 11th graders will take the PSAT, 10th graders will take the Pre-ACT Test called PLAN and ninth graders will take a sponsored academic and vocational skills assessment called Explore.


“The staff at LBHS is committed to ensuring all students are prepared to be college and career ready,” said Principal Dr. Joanne Culverhouse.


The district provided a snapshot of results by last year’s students:


The ACT is a curriculum-based test of progress in mathematics, reading, science and English, designed to measure skills for success in the first year of college.


2011 ACT Scores                         LBHS             State             ACT Benchmark

English (Composition)             26.5            21.6             18

Mathematics (Algebra)             25.7             22.7            22

Reading (Social Science)             25.7            22             21

Science (Biology)                         24.4             21.4             24


The SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized test that determines the critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills that students need to be successful in college. A student’s SAT score is a factor many colleges and universities consider when making admissions decisions. Each of these three sections that make up the SAT Reasoning Test have a possible score of 800 points.


2011 SAT Scores            LBHS            State            National

Critical Reading             570             499             497

Math                                     569             515             514

Writing                         575             499             489


LBHS students also can enroll in 15 different Advanced Placement classes. Students who pass the College Board AP exams may receive college credit for those

classes. In 2011, 530 such exams were completed by LBHS students. Their overall pass rate of 87% exceeds both state and global averages.


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