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Re: keyless commute, (Feb. 15 edition)

Hello, I’m from Long Beach and visit Laguna Beach maybe twice a month, but use Orange County Transit Authority bus system to visit the Neighborhood Congregational Church.

It is so interesting how to use public transportation and leave the car at home, saving on car insurance by not driving. AAA charges by the mileage and every November you have to take a picture of your odometer with your cellphone and then send it in. That is how they get you in money and then wear and tear on the vehicle, why doesn’t everyone just quit driving statewide and use the public transportation system.

The real reason that they don’t is because everyone needs or their personal privacy.

I took an all-rail journey four years ago and remember it well. I jumped on a Long Beach transit to downtown Long Beach, then jumped on the Metro Blueline Rail system from downtown Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles, then jumped on the Metro Redline to Union Station, then jumped on Amtrak and took a rail journey from Los Angeles to Sacramento and it was a nice ride. It was well worth it. I would love to visit more places via Amtrak.

Kevin Nutt, Long Beach

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