Legal Threats Propel Cycling Safety



What eight years of community organizing failed to accomplish, the LB City Council decreed at last, “Yea it shall be, yea verily it shall be done!”

The long awaited alternative bike-route through Laguna Beach will be completed this month. Every manner of community bike-rides, task force meetings, public workshops, potlucks and drum-circles tried and failed to inflate the agenda bill.

But fear of litigation for compensatory damages (French, Pettis, Deem, Colvin, homeless ) brings municipal focus and commitment like an end-O. Our city committed to plans last October to complete a bike-route – any bike-route to improve street safety for LB resident cyclists. But damn the torpedoes, design process, engineering review, stakeholders and those pesky traffic data facts, it’s political engineering that gets stuff done in Laguna Beach.

If you think these bicycle sharrows are a miracle, wait till Caltrans plows the canyon HOV lane, roundabouts and a protected bike-lane.


Les Miklosy, Laguna Beach



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