Lessons by the Forkful

3 Nutrition Lesson for LB IndyTeaching students healthy lifestyle choices takes place beyond the classroom, according to a school district announcement.

Along with the school’s lunch menu, elementary schools’ teachers and parents receive a monthly nutrition newsletter that describes ways to integrate nutrition lessons in activities, the statement says.

“There is growing concern for the physical and social issues that children face when it comes to their health and their relationship with food,” said the district’s dietitian, Megan Hartshorne, who pointed out that studies show nutrition education at a young age influences children’s consumption choices.

Laguna Beach’s Whole Foods Market donates the fresh produce for the elementary classroom lessons with Hartshorne, whose part time work is underwritten by SchoolPower.

In a nod to a request of Hartshorne by Thurston students, pasta dishes they taste tested were added to the school lunch menu. She also met with high school students, who surveyed their peers about school food. Results will assist refinements in future menu offerings, the statement says.

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