“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”

Patty Garza Pinto
Patty Garza Pinto is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Corrective Exercise Coach and Reiki Practitioner.

By Patricia Garza Pinto

Last week I spent all day caring for my beloved, sick grandchild, Bella. The season which brings runny noses; sore, tender throats and crackly coughs is among us. Based on statistics, most of the population will succumb to body aches, restless nights and praying to the “porcelain god.” Some may avoid these uncomfortable ailments while others may be sick and bedridden for days. I am curious as to what differentiates those who fall prey to these seasonal dis-eases and those who manage to resist the nasty super bugs.

Tapping into my own experience of utilizing natural healing modalities, I tenderly cared for Bella and pondered ancient times when a bottle of bright orange Tylenol or vibrant green NyQuil was nowhere to be found. What were the natural healing modalities available during the ancient days of Hippocrates?

Perhaps it was a poultice of cow dung firmly placed on the eyes? Or, inhaling stinky sulfuric acid compounds? In any case, I trust the remedies of years gone by were tried and true and of course, natural.

It is my belief that our bodies were designed to heal themselves. Could it be as a culture we have become so disconnected with our bodies and innate intelligence we fail to realize the benefits of alternative, instinctive healing modalities? As I cared for Bella, part of me realized how easy it would have been to pump her tiny, frail body with toxic over-the-counter or prescription medications. My intuition chose otherwise as I juiced fresh, organic oranges for Bella to drink and gently rubbed healing essential oils on her feet and chest. Part of me knew the over-the-counter liquids would merely suppress her symptoms, not assist in her body’s natural ability to heal.

Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” was perhaps the first physician who understood the importance of food as a natural healing modality. I would also offer, Hippocrates also realized wholesome, natural, organic foods have their place as a preventative to illness and dis-ease: “Let food be they medicine and medicine by thy food.” I find this to be a powerful statement which resonates with my own body’s ability to heal naturally. Is it possible my grandmother was spot on when she recommended I sip organic, wholesome chicken broth as I huddled under a blanket to warm my chilly bones and achy body?

Could it be during this modern era of laptops, smart phones and mega electromagnetic fields we have lost what really matters – the innate intelligence to heal ourselves through a wholesome, healthy diet and lifestyle? Possibly, the masses which fall prey to super bugs and various seasonal maladies lack a healthy diet and lifestyle. After all, if we fill our “temple” with processed dead junk foods, lack proper sleep, exercise and a little bright sunlight would we not succumb more easily to sicknesses and dis-ease?

What methods do you use to manifest your healing while you are under the weather? I appreciate my experience of Hippocrates’ wisdom, “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”

Despite all the television commercials promoting what I perceive to be toxic liquid suppressants and bright green pills, I prefer natural alternatives and wholesome foods to alleviate my grandchild’s seasonal ailments. These includes a clean diet, plenty of sleep, gentle body work implementing healing oils and a whole lot of love!

To your fitness, health and wellness!


Patricia Garza Pinto is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and CHEK Corrective Exercise Coach certified by San Diego’s Paul Chek—a holistic health practitioner, neuromuscular therapist and founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute.  Patricia is also a second-degree Reiki Practitioner who has obtained additional personal training certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.  Exemplifying  35 years of fitness and health experience, Patricia approaches wellness from many perspectives integrating them into a unified whole. Learn more by visiting TransforMotion.com where Patricia guides her clientele through their respective journeys of authentic self-discovery. (Visit the website or call 949-422-1168.)

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  1. While it’s always interesting to read accounts of what works for people, I don’t think it’s necessary to bring Hippocrates into the argument like this – there is no evidence at all as to which, if any, of the treatises of Ancient Greek medicine was ‘by’ Hippocrates. So in no case can we say ‘Hippocrates said…’!

  2. Helen,
    I appreciate my experience of your comment. Thank you.

    I concur, “it’s not necessary to bring Hippocrates into the argument like this”…I trust the context of the blog and my personal experience tending to my grandchild resonated with readers more than the title and my sentence referring to an alleged statement made by Hippocrates.

    May the infinite and mighty universe bestow blessings upon you!

    “To Your Fitness, Health & Wellness!” Patricia Garza Pinto


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