Letter: 20+ Years of Annual Secret Santa


Hello Laguna Beach friends, community and out of county/state donors,

This year we will be doing a Secret Santa for 2 Laguna Beach families that are in need and 1 senior citizen. Secret Santa has been going on for 20 plus years now thanks to you!

This online payment platform is secure and is the same one also used by Thurston PTA and LBHS PTA.

Family 1: Mom and daughter that live in Laguna Beach. Mom has MS, lupus and hashimoto disease. She works full time at a grocery store and daughter attends Laguna Beach High School. They have been a regular Secret Santa recipient for many years now.

Family 2: Single dad and son in Laguna Beach. Mom not in the picture and left when son was a toddler. Dad works full-time and volunteers. This family has been a recipient of the annual Secret Santa for 10 years. Son attends Laguna Beach High School.

Or if you prefer, please drop off or mail any gift cards to grocery stores, visa gift cards, shops, restaurants, or any other gift cards you would like to donate. Please mail or drop off the gift cards to our home address to be included in the Secret Santa gifts. 499 Canyon Acres Dr. Laguna Beach, CA 92651

#3: Senior citizen: I had a Laguna Beach female senior citizen reach out to me about the Secret Santa. She was wondering if we could help her. She is a homeowner in a tear down house that is over 100 years old. She has no family, other than her beloved dog. Her home has no heating, but she has a portable heater she only uses in her bathroom, as she can’t afford a huge electric bill. Her tiny income is barely enough to cover her property taxes and extremely low living expenses. She has a very simple wish list and thought perhaps some of you might be able to help donate some Trader Joe’s gift cards.

Senior wish list:

1. A warm bath towel (anyone have a new or used warm bath towel size small or medium they no longer use)?

2. Anonymous family are donating warm blankets, sweaters plus $150 cash.

3. Warm pajamas (Anonymous family will purchase)

4. Warm sweatpants and sweatshirt size small (she’s 100 pounds and 5’2)

5. Gift cards to Trader Joe’s (she goes to the food pantry once a week), CVS or Gelson’s

If you do not wish for your name to be included in the Secret Santa gift, please write “Anonymous” in the checkout. You can donate via Cheddar Up.

As always, for full transparency community “watchdog” Sheri Morgan will count the money with me and all donations given. Pictures and total amount given to each family will be provided.

Kind regards,

Celine Macmillan, Laguna Beach

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  1. Hello I am a single struggling mom who lives across the country in central Kentucky and happen to see this. It is on my heart to buy the senior citizen that you are assisting a few new bath towels. Can you please let me know where to ship them? I will order from wal mart and have them shipped to your organization. Reach out to me at 270-405-4059 by text or call please! I would also like to include a warm sweatsuit and maybe base layer thermal underwear if you have the size I should buy. Thank you and I look forward to helping. I am raising my daughter and my grandson and get no support on either one of them and lost my job during Covid and live on a fixed income. However I received a Walmart gift card for my birthday and I would like to use it to bless this woman! We rise by lifting others!


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